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    The best way to protect the interests of both tenant and landlord is to ensure clear documentation – and that goes for all things in the property from furniture to utilities. By ensuring a property inventory report is conducted at the beginning of each tenancy, both parties can guarantee that there is impartial evidence of the property’s condition at the outset.

    What is a property inventory report?

    A property inventory report is a thoroughly conducted inspection which records a detailed description of the condition of the property, including its fixtures and fittings. This is a required accompanying document for a tenancy agreement, therefore its accuracy is crucial.

    The report serves as a benchmark, depicting the property’s standard for both the tenant and landlord when entering into a tenancy agreement. This is used for reference, showing the tenants the condition the property should be in at the end of the tenancy. Both the tenant and landlord or agent have to confirm the accuracy of the report, and have a 7 day period to dispute any discrepancies.

    Why do I need a property inventory report?

    A detailed record of the property’s condition is the most effective way to protect yourself, as a landlord, and your tenants. At the end of the tenancy, any deterioration can be easily identified and used to provide tenants with evidence of anything excessive.

    Without a thorough and precise report agreed by both parties, it is often difficult to resolve disputes about the impact of a tenancy on a property’s condition. However, our property inventory reports are designed to withstand scrutiny from any deposit schemes, disputes or, if necessary, a court.

    In addition, meter readings will be taken, along with photographic evidence of the readings, to avoid any issues which can arise with utility companies following the end of a tenancy.

    What we can do

    Wirral Homes provides a professional property inventory report which is concise, easy to read, and includes a series of detailed photographs and descriptions to ensure that all parties are satisfied that the condition of the property is accurately portrayed by the report. If you’d like to hear more about our reports, or any of our other services, why not Contact Us today?

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