Greasby is a village that dates back further than England itself, and is a wonderful example of the traditional English village – while having access locally to everything a modern family could need. As such, Greasby is a great investment for landlords and has huge potential for anyone taking their first or fiftieth step in the rental market.
Type of PropertyRental FigureAverage

From £515 – £625



From £575 – £1200



Sales – Purchase Price From £75,000 – £185,000



Sales – Purchase Price From £94,000 – £360,000


Yield Calculation


Average Rent
(£6840 p/year)
Average Purchase Price
= 5.262%


Average Rent
(£10656 p/year)
Average Purchase Price
= 4.694%



With yields around 5% on both flats and houses, Greasby is above average in terms of rental performance for the UK. The area has all the charm you would expect of one of England’s ancient villages while also blessed with excellent transport connections – so that residents can enjoy village life and commute to three of the north west’s biggest cities. As such, rental property tends to move quickly and occupancy rates tend to be high. You can find out more about Greasby from our comprehensive location guide.


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