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    Although there is no mandatory legal requirement for a landlord to serve a letter before action, these letters tend to be the standard first step for for landlords in the position of having to begin eviction proceedings.

    Do I need to issue a letter before action?

    The short answer is that no, there is no legal requirement for a landlord to issue a letter before action. However, a letter before action can serve as a useful device to potentially avoid tenants falling further behind, or to give tenants who have started to fall into arrears a nudge in the right direction. So, while there is no requirement to send, a letter before action may serve to stop rent arrears becoming unmanageable, or at least encourage tenants that are in arrears to seek help before further steps are required.

    What are the main benefits of a legal letter at this stage?

    While a letter before action is less formal than serving a notice seeking possession, when served by a legal team such as that at Wirral Homes, the seriousness of the issue can quickly become apparent to a tenant. We understand that there are few tenants who want to fall behind on their rent payments, we also know that it can sometimes be easier for them to ignore a situation than confront it. A legal letter is likely to prompt a tenant to accept their situation, and can give them a needed push to seek financial help.

    What we can do

    Wirral Homes is keen to ensure that our landlords are always acting legally and fairly – it’s the best thing for all parties and can prevent problems from developing. Our in-house legal team can draft legal documents such as the letter before action to add weight to such correspondence and, hopefully, stop matters progressing further than they need to. For more information on this, or any of our other services, Contact Us today!

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