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    Wirral Homes provides a property inspection for our full management landlords and we recommend they take full advantage of this service.

    Why do I need property inspections?

    Landlords are legally obliged – have a duty of care – to their tenants, and property inspections are an excellent way to ensure that the property is in a good state of repair, and that there are no potential safety hazards, at the beginning of each tenancy. This is also an opportune time for tenants to raise any issues they may have – especially as we believe that building clear communication and good rapport with tenants is vital to good property management.

    Our inspections allow Wirral Homes to assess the general condition of the property – meaning that any minor repairs or problems are discovered before they become major issues. Addressing repair problems at an early stage is beneficial to all involved, and much more cost effective for the landlord.

    How are property inspections conducted?

    Our property inspections are thorough, but in no way intrusive. We arrange a date and time at which it is most convenient for the tenant, and will always respect their privacy.

    Our inspections will highlight whether a tenant is doing their part in maintaining the property, are cleaning and keeping the home at a satisfactory standard. If they are found not to have fulfilled this requirement, then they will be in breach of the terms of the tenancy agreement, and the issue will be raised with both tenant and landlord.

    What we can do

    Property inspections are arranged within the first 3-6 months (at the outset of a tenancy), and a full report will always be provided to the landlord. With our full management service, this inspection will continue, periodically, for the duration of the tenancy. To hear more about our property inspections, and our management packages, please Contact Us – we look forward to speaking with you.

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