A truly picturesque village surrounded by areas of natural beauty, Irby has everything a person could want in a village and all of the amenities you could want nearby. The beauty of the surroundings, when combined with the outstanding schools locally and the relative ease with which the cities of Liverpool, Chester and Manchester can be reached by road, make Irby much sought after, and therefore a great investment for landlords.
Type of PropertyRental FigureAverage

From £495 – £550



From £725 – £750



Sales – Purchase Price From £90,000 – £120,000



Sales – Purchase Price From £169,000 – £234,000


Yield Calculation


Average Rent
(£6276 p/year)
Average Purchase Price
= 5.977%


Average Rent
(£8856 p/year)
Average Purchase Price
= 4.395%



Irby is a wonderful area to live, with great schools, easy commutes to big cities and a wealth of nearby retail, entertainment and amenities. It is perhaps little wonder, therefore, that rental yields in Irby are well above the UK average – making it not just a great place to live, but also a great place to invest – as the popularity of the area means that properties tend to enjoy high rates of occupancy. You can find out all about Irby from our extensive location guide.


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