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    We believe that finding not just a tenant, but the right tenant for your property is vital. This is why we offer a tenant reference check service with our full management package. In order to find the best possible candidate, we perform a comprehensive background check on any prospective tenant.

    How are references obtained?

    Before any referencing takes place, our automated web-based service requires the prospective tenant to sign a declaration which provides their consent for referencing to take place. Our customised, automated system then prompts all parties involved to submit the necessary documents and requested information. This allows for the rapid completion and ease of management of the process for all involved.

    How is referencing conducted?

    Our referencing checks consist of the following:

    With our full management service, all of these checks will also be performed on any guarantors (if required) at no extra cost, to minimize any risk for the landlord.

    What we can do

    The data we collect determines whether a tenant is of low, medium or high risk, Wirral Homes then follows this with personally conducted reviews of all applicants before presenting you with all the data for your approval. If you’d like to discuss our tenant reference checks service, feel free to Contact Us – we’d love to speak to you.

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