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    Should a court hearing be required once a possession order has been requested, a judge will hear the case and make a determination as to whether a possession order can be granted and also the length of time that a tenant will have to abide by its terms.

    What is a possession order court hearing?

    A possession hearing is part of the eviction process which is necessary if no resolution can be found at previous stages, if a tenant has disputed an application for a possession order or if a judge decides without a dispute that a case needs to be heard. At the hearing, a judge will hear the case and decide whether an eviction can go ahead and how long the tenant has before it can be enforced.

    Do I need a possession order court hearing?

    While ideally there will be no need for a hearing, if a situation has progressed to the point when this is necessary then it is unfortunately likely that a hearing will be required. Obviously the hope is that there will be no contest to the application for a possession order, if the tenant does dispute it then you will need to attend the hearing or have representatives that can attend on your behalf.

    What are the main benefits of court proceedings at this stage?

    Legal proceedings at this stage are the only way that a landlord can achieve possession. If a tenant has refused to vacate a property despite previous notices, then it is likely that additional actions and enforcements may be required – and if so this is a necessary step before eviction can be enforced by bailiffs.

    What we can do

    At Wirral Homes, our legal team ensures that our landlords are acting within existing legal frameworks. As we have in-house legal experts, we are able to draft all necessary legal documents required to pursue a possession order and attend any hearings to ensure that a landlord’s best interests are looked out for. For more on this or any of our other of our legal services, Contact Us today!

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