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    Landlord Selective License Application Service

    Compliance Made Simple: Navigating Landlord Licenses with Ease

    In order to let properties, landlords may need to obtain a ‘landlord license’ from the local authority in which their property is located.

    What is a landlord license?

    Introduced as a result of The Housing Act of 2004, landlord licenses can be required by local authorities within set areas. The purpose of this selective licensing is to monitor the condition of local, private sector housing, including Buy-to-Let properties. Councils operating the licensing practice do so to put a stop to landlords renting their properties in unacceptable conditions which are not fit for purpose.

    Why were landlord licenses introduced?

    By focusing on certain areas, and improving the standard of the properties therein, they can tackle negligence from landlords, improve living conditions, and increase demand in that area. Certain areas of the Wirral have a low housing demand, and almost a third of private, rented properties fail to reach the decent homes standard set out in legislation.

    On average, over 70% of the houses inspected in relation to the license, have required work to bring the property up to the required standard.

    What are the consequences of failing to abide by license standards?

    Failure to comply with the standards required by the license can have a detrimental effect on the health and welfare of the tenants, and may be impactful to the local communities. As such, if a landlord fails to apply or adhere with the license terms, then they can be issued an unlimited fine or a Civil Penalty Notice of up to £30,000 by the council.

    In addition, the council and tenants (either current or past) may also be eligible to a ‘Rent Repayment Order’ which could see them reclaim up to 12 month’s rent, if the property was not licensed.

    What is a landlord’s responsibility regarding limited licenses?

    Once you have been issued a license, it is the responsibility of the managing agent, property manager or property owner to make sure that the terms of the license are adhered to, and that the license is valid at all times.

    Exact licensing conditions are dependent on the property’s location, but details can be found on the Wirral council’s website.

    As a landlord of rental properties, it is vital that you keep up to date with the status of locations in which you let property as additional areas can be introduced. Licensing fees are currently between £595 and £645; however, discounts and other fees may apply.

    What we can do

    The process of applying for and keeping licenses up to date can quickly become time consuming and stressful. For that reason, Wirral Homes offers its expertise to manage and maintain your licenses and ensure that its terms are abided by. To see what we can do for you and arrange a conversation, Contact Us today.

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