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    A complimentary monthly statement will be provided as part of our full management package, and in conjunction with our rent collection service. These monthly landlord statements have clear breakdowns of both rental income and expenditure per property managed.

    Why do I need these statements?

    Maintenance work that your properties may require is automatically deducted (as long as prior permission has been approved by the landlord) and clearly itemised. If you have arranged with Wirral Homes to set up a maintenance float, then any money retained from your income will also be clearly visible on your statement. Any other deductions, such as VAT, are also clearly stated for your analysis and to facilitate easy record keeping.

    Monthly statements are a great way of helping you calculate how well your property is performing financially. This usefulness expands exponentially however, and is much more apparent when you have a large portfolio and need to assess each property individually and as part of the portfolio.

    When are these statements available?

    Statements are accessible by our landlords at any time – through our online landlord portal, a secure platform powered by Property File, which records all of your financial records for the full duration of your contract. In addition, a copy of the statement will also be emailed, once funds have been deposited in your account.

    In addition to the monthly statements, a complimentary annual financial statement can be generated and provided to the landlord as part of this service – which makes for much easier record keeping both from a business and tax perspective. Alternatively, statements can be issued quarterly – or for a specific period on request.

    What we can do

    Our monthly statements contain all the information your accountant will require, meaning you will no longer need to spend all that time preparing your records for their review. To find out how we take the stress out of managing a property portfolio, Contact Us today – we can’t wait to speak to you!

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