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    The full management service provided by Wirral Homes will include collecting rental payments and manage it effectively and without hassle.  We will take care of all of the administration involved and our tight controls of late payments minimises the risk of rent arrears.

    How is rent collected?

    To prevent any missed payments, tenants are required to set up a monthly standing order. Those who cannot commit to this will have to receive permission from you, the landlord. We pride ourselves in being accommodating, and we’re happy to set any collection date for rental payments which suits both tenant and landlord.

    What happens once the rent is collected?

    All rent money will be deposited in our safeguarded client account, which is covered by the Client Money Protection Scheme. From here, it will then be allocated and paid directly to the landlord.

    Landlord statements can be obtained anytime for a property or portfolio through our online landlord platform. An annual financial statement can also be generated and provided to you. Once money has been deposited into the account of a landlord, a statement is emailed automatically.

    Payment for any maintenance work that your property may require, throughout the course of a tenancy, will automatically be deducted in advance of transfer so that work can be undertaken quickly, efficiently, and with no hassle for the landlord – but this will only happen with prior consent.

    What we can do

    With our service, landlords can rest assured that we will chase a non-paying tenant within days of a missed payment. They will be contacted to discuss their arrears and a payment plan will be arranged if needed. If, unfortunately, the problem persists, then necessary steps will be taken (you can see our Tenant Eviction Services page for more details). For more details about our rent collection service, please Contact Us. We’d love to see how we can help.

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