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    While taking possession of a property following a dispute over arrears is the most important thing for a landlord, that still leaves an amount outstanding which the landlord is legally permitted to pursue – that’s why Wirral Homes offers a fair and legal debt collection and recovery service for our landlords.

    What is a tenant debt collection service?

    Once the court has granted a possession order – which typically allows the tenant 14 days to vacate the property – if your tenant fails to leave the property you will need to proceed to the final step of a possession. This last step is known as an application for a warrant of possession, or the instruction of court bailiffs.

    What is a tenant debt collection service?

    Unfortunately once a tenant has been evicted, there is – more often than not – an outstanding balance which a landlord will need to recover. While Wirral Homes will always attempt to limit the possibility of debt with our comprehensive tenant checks, we also like to be prepared for all eventualities, so, with our inhouse legal team, we are able to seek recovery of arrears. This is both less stressful for landlords and more likely to succeed.

    Do I need a tenant debt collection service?

    This depends upon the amount outstanding – it is sometimes easier to write off arrears as a business cost, but with small claims court limits set at £5000, this can be a substantial amount for a landlord and, therefore, having a legal expert take care of the required claims procedure can be the best chance a landlord has to recover the outstanding amount.

    What are the main benefits of a tenant debt collection service?

    Third party debt collection has the benefit of carrying additional weight in the eyes of many debtors, while having a legal expert on your side can reduce the possibility of mistakes being made and improve your chances of successfully recovering outstanding amounts.

    What we can do

    Our inhouse legal team drafts all necessary legal documents that may be required to pursue debt through small claims or county courts, they will also attend any hearings as required to ensure that our landlord’s best interests are looked after. For more on our legal services, Contact Us today!

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