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    There is a legal requirement for all deposits to be placed within a government approved deposit registration scheme within 30 days of the tenant moving in and the deposit being received. Our full management service allows landlords to take advantage of our longstanding partner, and original Government Custodial scheme DPS (Deposit Protection Scheme).

    Why do I need inventory & deposit management?

    This service is all a part of our commitment to offering stress free property management – by trusting us to handle the management of your property’s inventory and your tenant’s deposit, you remove the hassle of having to find a registered scheme for the deposits, and also of having to deal with the end of tenancy assessment of a property’s fixtures and fittings.

    Wirral Homes has a longstanding relationship with our chosen deposit registration scheme, and has procedures in place for ensuring that proper inventory maintenance measures have been taken during the course of a tenancy. This takes care of two long term management issues which can cause headaches for landlords when entering into and ending tenancy agreements.

    What does inventory & deposit management involve?

    With all tenancies, the deposit can cause issues if not handled properly – this is the reason the government introduced the legal responsibility for landlords to transfer tenant deposits to a deposit registration scheme in the first 30 days. However, part of the reason it has historically caused issues is that not enough care has been taken in conducting inventory assessment at the beginning and end of tenancies.

    By taking care of the initial survey and final inventory assessment, and by using our longstanding deposit registration scheme partners, we offer the landlord and tenant the assurance that the deposit is well taken care of and that the inventory is assessed in a fair and impartial manner – thereby ensuring that disputes are kept to a minimum and our landlords can relax, knowing that things are taken care of.

    What we can do

    Our expert team ensures that the property’s inventory is fully surveyed at the beginning and end of a tenancy to offer comprehensive reports on any damage to the property’s inventory during the tenancy. Combined with our use of a deposit scheme partner, we can then make any required deductions while avoiding dispute. If you’d like to discuss this or any of our other services, Contact Us today!

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