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    28th February 2021

    Does Your Property Require a Selective Landlord License?

    Selective Licensing Areas were updated on the 1st October 2020, so we've created this searchable list to help potential investors in the Wirral property market.

    While the additional paperwork required to let properties in selective licensing zones may put some people off investing, there is something to be said for purchasing a potential bargain in an area specifically reserved for landlords who, like you, genuinely want to let out great property in great condition and expect a great return.

    What is Selective Landlord Licensing?

    Introduced following The Housing Act of 2004, landlord licenses are sometimes required by local authorities for properties within a set area(s). The purpose of this selective licensing is to allow councils to monitor and improve the condition of local, private sector housing. Councils operating the licensing practice do so in order to put a stop to landlords renting their properties in an unacceptable conditions.

    Selective Landlord Licencing Area in Birkenhead South

    Birkenhead South

    Despite its excellent location and nearby amenities, housing stock in the area highlighted by the boundaries of the selective licensing area had been deteriorating until the introduction of selective licensing. Now, as the area regenerates, landlords prepared to apply for and abide by the rules of the license will no doubt be pleased by the performance of their investment.

    Property Numbers Street Postcode Post Town
    1-24 All Alexandra Road CH43 4XX Prenton
    1-40 All Alfred Road CH43 4XX, CH43 4TX Prenton
    12-24 Evens Balls Road CH43 5RE Prenton
    1-8 All Belmont Road CH43 4TR Prenton
    298-300 Evens Borough Road CH41 2RB, CH41 2UW Birkenhead
    3-39 Odds Euston Grove CH43 4TY, CH43 4TZ Prenton
    1-19 Odds Francis Avenue CH43 4XL Prenton
    1-65 Odds Grange Mount CH43 4XN Prenton
    4-58 Evens Grange Mount CH43 4XW Prenton
    1-14 Thomas Court All Grange Mount CH43 4XU Prenton
    75-125 Odds GrangeRoad West CH43 4XB, CH43 4XF Prenton
    90-140 Evens GrangeRoad West CH43 4XF, CH43 4XG, CH43 4XQ Prenton
    1-28 All Grange View CH43 4TN, CH43 4TL Prenton
    1-20 All Hawarden Avenue CH43 4XJ Prenton
    1-8 All Henthorne Street CH43 4TA Prenton
    1-21 All Merton Place CH43 4XD Prenton
    1-27 Odds Osborne Road CH43 4XT Prenton
    13-67 Odds Oxton Road CH41 2QQ, CH41 2TL Birkenhead
    44-150A Evens Oxton Road CH41 2TP, CH41 2TW Birkenhead
    7-61 Odds Park Road South CH43 4UN, CH43 4UW Prenton
    1-23 Odds Quarry Bank CH43 4XX Birkenhead
    1-22 All Radnor Place CH43 4XH Prenton
    1-20 All Ravenscroft Road CH43 4XY Prenton
    1-45A All Ridley Street CH43 4TT Prenton
    2-32 All Shaw Street CH41 2XE Birkenhead
    1-33 All The Lindens, Alfred Road CH43 4YH Prenton
    2-3 All Tetbury Street CH41 2XP Birkenhead
    1-11 All Town View CH43 4YE Prenton
    1-3 Odds Town View Mews CH43 4YD Prenton
    The Spire All Westbourne Road CH43 4TG Prenton
    12-98 All Westbourne Road CH43 4JE, CH43 4TF, CH43 4TG, CH43 4TQ Prenton
    32-42 Evens Whetstone Lane CH41 2TF Birkenhead


    Egerton North

    Within walking distance of Prenton Park, and in an area with easy access to good schools, great parks and other essentials, the Egerton North selective licensing area was only short of landlords that cared as much about the area as the local residents – something which has helped to begin the regeneration of the area since licensing was introduced.

    Property Numbers Street Postcode Post Town
    575A-605 Odds Borough Road CH42 0HD Birkenhead
    60-88 Evens Church Road CH42 0LH Birkenhead
    70-124 Evens Derby Road CH42 7HD Birkenhead
    18-28 Evens Elm Road CH42 0LX Birkenhead
    3-149 Odds Elmswood Road CH42 7HN, CH42 7HW Birkenhead
    1-89 All Fountain Street CH42 7JD, CH42 7JH Birkenhead
    2-23 All Greenbank Road CH42 7JS Birkenhead
    1-57A All Greenway Road CH42 0ND, CH42 0NG Birkenhead
    4-156 All Harrowby Road CH42 7HU, CH42 7HS Birkenhead
    1-25 All Harrowby Road South CH42 7HY Birkenhead
    1-28 All Heathbank Road CH42 7LD Birkenhead
    2-66 All North Road CH42 7JE, CH42 7JG Birkenhead
    1-43 All St. Catherines Gardens CH42 7JJ Birkenhead
    1-7A All Walker Mews CH42 0NH Birkenhead
    17-31 Odds Walker Place CH42 0LZ Birkenhead
    4-10A Evens Walker Street CH42 0LY Birkenhead
    1-19 Walker Heights Evens Walker Street CH42 0LY Birkenhead
    1-128 All Whitford Road CH42 7HZ, CH42 7JA Birkenhead

    Egremont Promenade South

    The Egremont Promenade South selective licensing zone includes the characterful red brick houses familiar to the area and neighbours some of the best performing areas on the Wirral. However, while poor maintenance and other housing stock issues have led to the introduction of the selective licensing, prospective investors will find fantastic value for money and great potential.

    Property Numbers Street Postcode Post Town
    4-24 Evens Blenheim Road CH44 8BR Wallasey
    1-23 All Church Gardens CH44 8HF Wallasey
    2-48 All Egremont Promenade CH44 8BG, CH44 8BQ Wallasey
    Avenue Cottage All Greenwood Lane CH44 1DQ Wallasey
    1-5 York Cottages All Greenwood Lane CH44 1DQ Wallasey
    2-132 Evens King Street CH44 8AN, CH44 8AU, CH44 8AW Wallasey
    1-129 (exc. 73) Odds King Street CH44 0BY, CH44 0BZ, CH44 8AT Wallasey
    1-19 All Kinglake Road CH44 8BS Wallasey
    1-21 All Marsden CH44 1EA Wallasey
    1-9 Odds Poole Road CH44 1EB Wallasey
    2-42 Evens Poole Road CH44 1ED Wallasey
    2-42 Evens Pooley Close CH44 0FA Wallasey
    2 All Rice Lane CH44 0AF Wallasey
    3-19 Odds Rudgrave Place CH44 0EJ Wallasey
    2-8 Evens Rudgrave Place CH44 0EJ Wallasey
    2-36 Evens Rudgrave Square CH44 0FD, CH44 0EL Wallasey
    13-51 Odds Rudgrave Square CH44 0EL Wallasey
    1-16 All Seabank Avenue CH44 1EH Wallasey
    2-18 Even Seabank Road CH44 8BA, CH44 8BB Wallasey
    3-45 Odds Seabank Road CH44 0EE, CH44 8BA Wallasey
    1-32 All St. Brides Road CH44 8BN Wallasey
    1-21 All St. Columbas Close CH44 8EY Wallasey
    1-29 All St. Elmo Road CH44 8BL Wallasey
    2-24 All St. Lucia Road CH44 8BW Wallasey
    1-28 All St. Vincent Road CH44 8BJ Wallasey
    3-17 Odds Tobin Street CH44 8DF Wallasey
    1-21 All Trafalgar Avenue CH44 8BP Wallasey
    6-26 Evens Trafalgar Road CH44 0EA Wallasey
    11-73 Odds Trafalgar Road CH44 0DZ Wallasey
    1-66 Odds Wright Place CH44 8BD, CH44 8BE Wallasey


    Egremont South

    Between Seacombe, Liscard and and Wallasey, the Egremont South selective licensing area also includes Central Park and is within a reasonable walk from the ferry terminal for commuters to Liverpool. The area has huge potential and is beginning to realise it thanks to landlords willing to go the extra mile to improve the local housing stock.

    Property Numbers Street Postcode Post Town
    1-42 All Alverstone Road CH44 9AA Wallasey
    2-56 Evens Birnam Road CH44 9AX, CH44 9AY Wallasey
    1-15 All Church Close CH44 8HG Wallasey
    21-219 Odds Church Street CH44 8AF, CH44 8AG Wallasey
    1-11 All Churchmeadow Close CH44 8HQ Wallasey
    33-75 Odds Clarendon Road CH44 8EJ Wallasey
    44-90 Evens Clarendon Road CH44 8EP Wallasey
    1-16 All Dalehurst Close CH44 8AE Wallasey
    2A All Drayton Road CH44 9EQ Wallasey
    1-11 All Elmbank Street CH44 9BG Wallasey
    49-87 Odds Falkland Road CH44 8EW Wallasey
    128-158 Evens Falkland Road CH44 8ER Wallasey
    1-12 All Gorsebank Street CH44 9BQ Wallasey
    2-50 Evens Halville Road CH44 9AZ Wallasey
    67-107 Odds Liscard Road CH44 8AE Wallasey
    62A-84 Evens Liscard Road CH44 8AA Wallasey
    South Lodge All Liscard Road CH44 0BS Wallasey
    1-38 All Lumley Road CH44 9AB Wallasey
    1-77 All Northbrook Road CH44 9AP, CH44 9AR Wallasey
    1-9 All Oakbank Street CH44 9BE Wallasey
    1-8 All Park Avenue CH44 9DZ Wallasey
    1-77 All Park Road CH44 9EA, CH44 9EB Wallasey
    1-46 All Parkside CH44 9AH, CH44 9AJ Wallasey
    117-153 Odds Poulton Road CH44 9DF Wallasey
    102-122 Evens Poulton Road CH44 9DJ Wallasey
    1-17 All Redfield Close CH44 8HY Wallasey
    2-44 All Rivington Road CH44 9AN, CH44 9AW Wallasey
    1-22 All Trentham Road CH44 9EG Wallasey
    1-22 All Withington Road CH44 9BH Wallasey


    Seacombe Library

    The Seacombe Library selective licensing area is one which offers great transport connections, situated near the A59 and with rail connections to Liverpool and Chester nearby – as well as the ferry terminal. With the help of selective licensing, the area could quickly become a highly desirable place to rent and to own property.

    Property Numbers Street Postcode Post Town
    4-14 Evens Addington Street CH44 9DS Wallasey
    2-68 Evens Albemarle Road CH44 6LX Wallasey
    71-103 Odds Bell Road CH44 8DP Wallasey
    78-108 Evens Bell Road CH44 8DP Wallasey
    8-64 Evens Belle Vue Road CH44 6JY Wallasey
    136-192 All Borough Road CH44 6NH, CH44 6NE Wallasey
    2-77 All Brougham Road CH44 6PW, CH44 6PN Wallasey
    2-24 All Bulkeley Road CH44 9DR Wallasey
    1 All Clarence Road CH44 9ES Wallasey
    1-49 Odds Edith Road CH44 6LG Wallasey
    1-17 Odds Ethel Road CH44 6LR Wallasey
    2 All Ethel Road CH44 6LR Wallasey
    1-46 All Florence Road CH44 6LE, CH44 6LF Wallasey
    1-10 All Gladstone Road CH44 6JZ Wallasey
    1-19 Odds Glenburn Road CH44 6PY Wallasey
    6-57 All Hatherley Street CH44 6RA Wallasey
    1-13 Odds Hood Street CH44 6LS Wallasey
    2-36 All Ilchester Road CH44 9DP Wallasey
    1-63 Odds Kenilworth Road CH44 6QG Wallasey
    2-42A Evens Liscard Road CH44 6LN, CH44 6LW Wallasey
    3-37 Odds Liscard Road CH44 6LT Wallasey
    1-45 All Mainwaring Road CH44 9DN, CH44 9DW Wallasey
    4-38 Evens Naples Road CH44 7HL Wallasey
    1-73 Odds Poulton Road CH44 6LB, CH44 9DD Wallasey
    22-58 Evens Poulton Road CH44 9DQ Wallasey
    1-71 Odds Rappart Road CH44 6QD Wallasey
    54-106 Evens Rappart Road CH44 6QF Wallasey
    1-5 Odds Wesley Grove CH44 6QB Wallasey
    1-61 All Wickham Close CH44 6RD, CH44 6RB Wallasey


    Tranmere Lairds

    The Tranmere Lairds selective licensing zone is next door to central Birkenhead centre, has excellent transport links and features properties of multiple sizes and huge potential. With the Tranmere area selected to help improve the local housing options, there is huge potential for landlord’s willing to help out to make great returns.

    Property Numbers Street Postcode Post Town
    2-178 All Argyle Street South CH41 9BX, CH41 9BY, CH41 9BZ, CH41 9DA Birkenhead
    Central Station House 35 Borough Road CH41 2XS Birkenhead
    1A-53 Odds Clifton Road CH41 2SE, CH41 2SF Birkenhead
    1-8 Clifton Court All Clifton Road CH41 2SE Birkenhead
    9-16 Venture Court All Clifton Road CH41 2SE Birkenhead
    1-7 All Fairview CH41 9EH Birkenhead
    16-28 Evens Frodsham Street CH41 9DN Birkenhead
    1-18 All Green Lane CH41 9AG Birkenhead
    1-23 All Helmingham Grove CH41 9EY Birkenhead
    1-5 All Hillside Close CH41 9HU Birkenhead
    34-60 All Hillside Road CH41 9EQ, CH41 9ER Birkenhead
    1-11 All Hinderton Close CH41 9HE Birkenhead
    2-165 All Hinderton Road CH41 9AA, CH41 9AB, CH41 9AD, CH41 9AE, CH41 9AF Birkenhead
    1-38 All Holborn Hill CH41 9DJ Birkenhead
    1-86 All Holt Hill CH41 9DG,CH41 9DH, CH41 9DQ Birkenhead
    3-23 Odds Holt Hill Terrace CH42 5LB Birkenhead
    12-82 Evens Holt Road CH41 9ES Birkenhead
    2-40 Evens Leighton Road CH41 9DZ Birkenhead
    5-55 Odds Leighton Road CH41 9DU Birkenhead
    1-31 All Marquis Street CH41 9DU Birkenhead
    2-48 Evens Old Chester Road CH41 9AU Birkenhead
    45-69 Odds Old Chester Road CH41 9AW Birkenhead
    Station House 1 Old Chester Road CH41 9AN Birkenhead
    1-12 All Olive Crescent CH41 9DR Birkenhead
    8-48 Evens Olive Mount CH41 9DP Birkenhead
    31-37 Odds Olive Mount CH41 9DL Birkenhead
    The Willows 39 Olive Mount CH41 9DP Birkenhead
    1-2 All Pearson Road CH42 5LA Birkenhead
    1-64 All Pembroke Court CH41 9BJ Birkenhead
    1-49 39 Queen Street CH41 9AS Birkenhead
    1-73 Vincent Naughton Court All Rodney Street CH41 2ZA Birkenhead
    19-182 All Rodney Street CH41 2RG, CH41 2RN, CH41 2RQ, CH41 2SB, CH41 2SD Birkenhead
    4 Cromwell Row All Warrington Street CH41 9AL Birkenhead
    1-2 Marquis Mews All Warrington Street CH41 9AP Birkenhead
    1-19 Mersey View All Warrington Street CH41 9AR Birkenhead
    1-8 Priory View All Warrington Street CH41 9AX Birkenhead
    1-19 River View All Warrington Street CH41 9AQ Birkenhead
    1-10 All Westbury Street CH41 9DT Birkenhead
    101-135 Vincent Naughton Court Odds Whetstone Lane CH41 2TE, CH41 9DE Birkenhead

    Whether you’ve found your potential investment in one of the special licensing areas, it’s well worth noting that – despite the additional paperwork – these zones are in place specifically to improve the housing on offer. For that reason, the inconvenience initially should be hugely outweighed by the gains possible if all landlords in the area look to do their part in making a difference to the local community.

    Need help attaining a selective landlord license? Why not speak to one of our experts? Contact Us today.

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