28th February 2021

Does Your Property Require a Selective Landlord License?

Selective Licensing Areas were updated on the 1st October 2020, so we've created this searchable list to help potential investors in the Wirral property market.

While the additional paperwork required to let properties in selective licensing zones may put some people off investing, there is something to be said for purchasing a potential bargain in an area specifically reserved for landlords who, like you, genuinely want to let out great property in great condition and expect a great return.

What is Selective Landlord Licensing?

Introduced following The Housing Act of 2004, landlord licenses are sometimes required by local authorities for properties within a set area(s). The purpose of this selective licensing is to allow councils to monitor and improve the condition of local, private sector housing. Councils operating the licensing practice do so in order to put a stop to landlords renting their properties in an unacceptable conditions.

Selective Landlord Licencing Area in Birkenhead South

Birkenhead South

Despite its excellent location and nearby amenities, housing stock in the area highlighted by the boundaries of the selective licensing area had been deteriorating until the introduction of selective licensing. Now, as the area regenerates, landlords prepared to apply for and abide by the rules of the license will no doubt be pleased by the performance of their investment.

Property NumbersStreetPostcodePost Town
1-24AllAlexandra RoadCH43 4XXPrenton
1-40AllAlfred RoadCH43 4XX, CH43 4TXPrenton
12-24EvensBalls RoadCH43 5REPrenton
1-8AllBelmont RoadCH43 4TRPrenton
298-300EvensBorough RoadCH41 2RB, CH41 2UWBirkenhead
3-39OddsEuston GroveCH43 4TY, CH43 4TZPrenton
1-19OddsFrancis AvenueCH43 4XLPrenton
1-65OddsGrange MountCH43 4XNPrenton
4-58EvensGrange MountCH43 4XWPrenton
1-14 Thomas CourtAllGrange MountCH43 4XUPrenton
75-125OddsGrangeRoad WestCH43 4XB, CH43 4XFPrenton
90-140EvensGrangeRoad WestCH43 4XF, CH43 4XG, CH43 4XQPrenton
1-28AllGrange ViewCH43 4TN, CH43 4TLPrenton
1-20AllHawarden AvenueCH43 4XJPrenton
1-8AllHenthorne StreetCH43 4TAPrenton
1-21AllMerton PlaceCH43 4XDPrenton
1-27OddsOsborne RoadCH43 4XTPrenton
13-67OddsOxton RoadCH41 2QQ, CH41 2TLBirkenhead
44-150AEvensOxton RoadCH41 2TP, CH41 2TWBirkenhead
7-61OddsPark Road SouthCH43 4UN, CH43 4UWPrenton
1-23OddsQuarry BankCH43 4XXBirkenhead
1-22AllRadnor PlaceCH43 4XHPrenton
1-20AllRavenscroft RoadCH43 4XYPrenton
1-45AAllRidley StreetCH43 4TTPrenton
2-32AllShaw StreetCH41 2XEBirkenhead
1-33AllThe Lindens, Alfred RoadCH43 4YHPrenton
2-3AllTetbury StreetCH41 2XPBirkenhead
1-11AllTown ViewCH43 4YEPrenton
1-3OddsTown View MewsCH43 4YDPrenton
The SpireAllWestbourne RoadCH43 4TGPrenton
12-98AllWestbourne RoadCH43 4JE, CH43 4TF, CH43 4TG, CH43 4TQPrenton
32-42EvensWhetstone LaneCH41 2TFBirkenhead


Egerton North

Within walking distance of Prenton Park, and in an area with easy access to good schools, great parks and other essentials, the Egerton North selective licensing area was only short of landlords that cared as much about the area as the local residents – something which has helped to begin the regeneration of the area since licensing was introduced.

Property NumbersStreetPostcodePost Town
575A-605OddsBorough RoadCH42 0HDBirkenhead
60-88EvensChurch RoadCH42 0LHBirkenhead
70-124EvensDerby RoadCH42 7HDBirkenhead
18-28EvensElm RoadCH42 0LXBirkenhead
3-149OddsElmswood RoadCH42 7HN, CH42 7HWBirkenhead
1-89AllFountain StreetCH42 7JD, CH42 7JHBirkenhead
2-23AllGreenbank RoadCH42 7JSBirkenhead
1-57AAllGreenway RoadCH42 0ND, CH42 0NGBirkenhead
4-156AllHarrowby RoadCH42 7HU, CH42 7HSBirkenhead
1-25AllHarrowby Road SouthCH42 7HYBirkenhead
1-28AllHeathbank RoadCH42 7LDBirkenhead
2-66AllNorth RoadCH42 7JE, CH42 7JGBirkenhead
1-43AllSt. Catherines GardensCH42 7JJBirkenhead
1-7AAllWalker MewsCH42 0NHBirkenhead
17-31OddsWalker PlaceCH42 0LZBirkenhead
4-10AEvensWalker StreetCH42 0LYBirkenhead
1-19 Walker HeightsEvensWalker StreetCH42 0LYBirkenhead
1-128AllWhitford RoadCH42 7HZ, CH42 7JABirkenhead

Egremont Promenade South

The Egremont Promenade South selective licensing zone includes the characterful red brick houses familiar to the area and neighbours some of the best performing areas on the Wirral. However, while poor maintenance and other housing stock issues have led to the introduction of the selective licensing, prospective investors will find fantastic value for money and great potential.

Property NumbersStreetPostcodePost Town
4-24EvensBlenheim RoadCH44 8BRWallasey
1-23AllChurch GardensCH44 8HFWallasey
2-48AllEgremont PromenadeCH44 8BG, CH44 8BQWallasey
Avenue CottageAllGreenwood LaneCH44 1DQWallasey
1-5 York CottagesAllGreenwood LaneCH44 1DQWallasey
2-132EvensKing StreetCH44 8AN, CH44 8AU, CH44 8AWWallasey
1-129 (exc. 73)OddsKing StreetCH44 0BY, CH44 0BZ, CH44 8ATWallasey
1-19AllKinglake RoadCH44 8BSWallasey
1-21AllMarsdenCH44 1EAWallasey
1-9OddsPoole RoadCH44 1EBWallasey
2-42EvensPoole RoadCH44 1EDWallasey
2-42EvensPooley CloseCH44 0FAWallasey
2AllRice LaneCH44 0AFWallasey
3-19OddsRudgrave PlaceCH44 0EJWallasey
2-8EvensRudgrave PlaceCH44 0EJWallasey
2-36EvensRudgrave SquareCH44 0FD, CH44 0ELWallasey
13-51OddsRudgrave SquareCH44 0ELWallasey
1-16AllSeabank AvenueCH44 1EHWallasey
2-18EvenSeabank RoadCH44 8BA, CH44 8BBWallasey
3-45OddsSeabank RoadCH44 0EE, CH44 8BAWallasey
1-32AllSt. Brides RoadCH44 8BNWallasey
1-21AllSt. Columbas CloseCH44 8EYWallasey
1-29AllSt. Elmo RoadCH44 8BLWallasey
2-24AllSt. Lucia RoadCH44 8BWWallasey
1-28AllSt. Vincent RoadCH44 8BJWallasey
3-17OddsTobin StreetCH44 8DFWallasey
1-21AllTrafalgar AvenueCH44 8BPWallasey
6-26EvensTrafalgar RoadCH44 0EAWallasey
11-73OddsTrafalgar RoadCH44 0DZWallasey
1-66OddsWright PlaceCH44 8BD, CH44 8BEWallasey


Egremont South

Between Seacombe, Liscard and and Wallasey, the Egremont South selective licensing area also includes Central Park and is within a reasonable walk from the ferry terminal for commuters to Liverpool. The area has huge potential and is beginning to realise it thanks to landlords willing to go the extra mile to improve the local housing stock.

Property NumbersStreetPostcodePost Town
1-42AllAlverstone RoadCH44 9AAWallasey
2-56EvensBirnam RoadCH44 9AX, CH44 9AYWallasey
1-15AllChurch CloseCH44 8HGWallasey
21-219OddsChurch StreetCH44 8AF, CH44 8AGWallasey
1-11AllChurchmeadow CloseCH44 8HQWallasey
33-75OddsClarendon RoadCH44 8EJWallasey
44-90EvensClarendon RoadCH44 8EPWallasey
1-16AllDalehurst CloseCH44 8AEWallasey
2AAllDrayton RoadCH44 9EQWallasey
1-11AllElmbank StreetCH44 9BGWallasey
49-87OddsFalkland RoadCH44 8EWWallasey
128-158EvensFalkland RoadCH44 8ERWallasey
1-12AllGorsebank StreetCH44 9BQWallasey
2-50EvensHalville RoadCH44 9AZWallasey
67-107OddsLiscard RoadCH44 8AEWallasey
62A-84EvensLiscard RoadCH44 8AAWallasey
South LodgeAllLiscard RoadCH44 0BSWallasey
1-38AllLumley RoadCH44 9ABWallasey
1-77AllNorthbrook RoadCH44 9AP, CH44 9ARWallasey
1-9AllOakbank StreetCH44 9BEWallasey
1-8AllPark AvenueCH44 9DZWallasey
1-77AllPark RoadCH44 9EA, CH44 9EBWallasey
1-46AllParksideCH44 9AH, CH44 9AJWallasey
117-153OddsPoulton RoadCH44 9DFWallasey
102-122EvensPoulton RoadCH44 9DJWallasey
1-17AllRedfield CloseCH44 8HYWallasey
2-44AllRivington RoadCH44 9AN, CH44 9AWWallasey
1-22AllTrentham RoadCH44 9EGWallasey
1-22AllWithington RoadCH44 9BHWallasey


Seacombe Library

The Seacombe Library selective licensing area is one which offers great transport connections, situated near the A59 and with rail connections to Liverpool and Chester nearby – as well as the ferry terminal. With the help of selective licensing, the area could quickly become a highly desirable place to rent and to own property.

Property NumbersStreetPostcodePost Town
4-14EvensAddington StreetCH44 9DSWallasey
2-68EvensAlbemarle RoadCH44 6LXWallasey
71-103OddsBell RoadCH44 8DPWallasey
78-108EvensBell RoadCH44 8DPWallasey
8-64EvensBelle Vue RoadCH44 6JYWallasey
136-192AllBorough RoadCH44 6NH, CH44 6NEWallasey
2-77AllBrougham RoadCH44 6PW, CH44 6PNWallasey
2-24AllBulkeley RoadCH44 9DRWallasey
1AllClarence RoadCH44 9ESWallasey
1-49OddsEdith RoadCH44 6LGWallasey
1-17OddsEthel RoadCH44 6LRWallasey
2AllEthel RoadCH44 6LRWallasey
1-46AllFlorence RoadCH44 6LE, CH44 6LFWallasey
1-10AllGladstone RoadCH44 6JZWallasey
1-19OddsGlenburn RoadCH44 6PYWallasey
6-57AllHatherley StreetCH44 6RAWallasey
1-13OddsHood StreetCH44 6LSWallasey
2-36AllIlchester RoadCH44 9DPWallasey
1-63OddsKenilworth RoadCH44 6QGWallasey
2-42AEvensLiscard RoadCH44 6LN, CH44 6LWWallasey
3-37OddsLiscard RoadCH44 6LTWallasey
1-45AllMainwaring RoadCH44 9DN, CH44 9DWWallasey
4-38EvensNaples RoadCH44 7HLWallasey
1-73OddsPoulton RoadCH44 6LB, CH44 9DDWallasey
22-58EvensPoulton RoadCH44 9DQWallasey
1-71OddsRappart RoadCH44 6QDWallasey
54-106EvensRappart RoadCH44 6QFWallasey
1-5OddsWesley GroveCH44 6QBWallasey
1-61AllWickham CloseCH44 6RD, CH44 6RBWallasey


Tranmere Lairds

The Tranmere Lairds selective licensing zone is next door to central Birkenhead centre, has excellent transport links and features properties of multiple sizes and huge potential. With the Tranmere area selected to help improve the local housing options, there is huge potential for landlord’s willing to help out to make great returns.

Property NumbersStreetPostcodePost Town
2-178AllArgyle Street SouthCH41 9BX, CH41 9BY, CH41 9BZ, CH41 9DABirkenhead
Central Station House35Borough RoadCH41 2XSBirkenhead
1A-53OddsClifton RoadCH41 2SE, CH41 2SFBirkenhead
1-8 Clifton CourtAllClifton RoadCH41 2SEBirkenhead
9-16 Venture CourtAllClifton RoadCH41 2SEBirkenhead
1-7AllFairviewCH41 9EHBirkenhead
16-28EvensFrodsham StreetCH41 9DNBirkenhead
1-18AllGreen LaneCH41 9AGBirkenhead
1-23AllHelmingham GroveCH41 9EYBirkenhead
1-5AllHillside CloseCH41 9HUBirkenhead
34-60AllHillside RoadCH41 9EQ, CH41 9ERBirkenhead
1-11AllHinderton CloseCH41 9HEBirkenhead
2-165AllHinderton RoadCH41 9AA, CH41 9AB, CH41 9AD, CH41 9AE, CH41 9AFBirkenhead
1-38AllHolborn HillCH41 9DJBirkenhead
1-86AllHolt HillCH41 9DG,CH41 9DH, CH41 9DQBirkenhead
3-23OddsHolt Hill TerraceCH42 5LBBirkenhead
12-82EvensHolt RoadCH41 9ESBirkenhead
2-40EvensLeighton RoadCH41 9DZBirkenhead
5-55OddsLeighton RoadCH41 9DUBirkenhead
1-31AllMarquis StreetCH41 9DUBirkenhead
2-48EvensOld Chester RoadCH41 9AUBirkenhead
45-69OddsOld Chester RoadCH41 9AWBirkenhead
Station House1Old Chester RoadCH41 9ANBirkenhead
1-12AllOlive CrescentCH41 9DRBirkenhead
8-48EvensOlive MountCH41 9DPBirkenhead
31-37OddsOlive MountCH41 9DLBirkenhead
The Willows39Olive MountCH41 9DPBirkenhead
1-2AllPearson RoadCH42 5LABirkenhead
1-64AllPembroke CourtCH41 9BJBirkenhead
1-4939Queen StreetCH41 9ASBirkenhead
1-73 Vincent Naughton CourtAllRodney StreetCH41 2ZABirkenhead
19-182AllRodney StreetCH41 2RG, CH41 2RN, CH41 2RQ, CH41 2SB, CH41 2SDBirkenhead
4 Cromwell RowAllWarrington StreetCH41 9ALBirkenhead
1-2 Marquis MewsAllWarrington StreetCH41 9APBirkenhead
1-19 Mersey ViewAllWarrington StreetCH41 9ARBirkenhead
1-8 Priory ViewAllWarrington StreetCH41 9AXBirkenhead
1-19 River ViewAllWarrington StreetCH41 9AQBirkenhead
1-10AllWestbury StreetCH41 9DTBirkenhead
101-135 Vincent Naughton CourtOddsWhetstone LaneCH41 2TE, CH41 9DEBirkenhead

Whether you’ve found your potential investment in one of the special licensing areas, it’s well worth noting that – despite the additional paperwork – these zones are in place specifically to improve the housing on offer. For that reason, the inconvenience initially should be hugely outweighed by the gains possible if all landlords in the area look to do their part in making a difference to the local community.

Need help attaining a selective landlord license? Why not speak to one of our experts? Contact Us today.

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