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    Your property on the Wirral is already in a desirable area, but even the best home in the best area can struggle to find the right tenant if the rental amount being asked for is in excess of what the local market can sustain. At Wirral Homes, we believe that the right price will attract the right tenant – and that’s why we ensure we do our research, and why our landlords have such a great level of occupancy.

    What is a market appraisal figure?

    The amount of rent you charge your tenants is generally assumed to be a percentage of your home’s market value. While this is a good starting point, we find that different locations have different base and top level prices independent of the home’s value – and this can vary anywhere between a 1 and 6% yield. Our market appraisal figure seeks to establish the maximum amount a landlord can charge while maintaining constant occupancy.

    Why do I need a market appraisal figure?

    While it is, of course, the landlord’s prerogative what they wish to charge for their properties, our expert lettings team are committed to achieving the best possible outcomes for our landlords and our market appraisal service is designed to maximise returns and and minimise vacancy. As such, we recommend a market appraisal to help us deliver the best possible results.

    What we can do

    Our team of highly experienced lettings experts will conduct a thorough review of the local market – both historically and at present – and will take into account not just past and present performance, but your total mortgage for the property and current socio-economic trends in the area to determine the best rental value for your property – the amount you can expect to charge and maintain steady occupancy of your properties. If you’d like to hear more about our range of services, why not Contact Us today?

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