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    12th March 2024

    How to Change Letting Agent: A Comprehensive Guide for Landlords in the Wirral

    Are you looking to change your letting agent in the Wirral? Find out how in our comprehensive guide below.

    Are you feeling a bit underwhelmed with your current Letting Agent? Are you wondering how you go about switching to a new agent? The good news is that whether you have a single property or a large portfolio of properties switching your letting agent in the Wirral or anywhere else in the UK might be easier than you think.

    Why Consider Switching Letting Agents?

    Switching agents can be a smart move for various reasons:

    • Fee Increases: If your current agent’s fees have gone up and you’re doubting the value for money.
    • Difficulty Finding Tenants: If your well-located, attractive property is still vacant, it might be due to your agent’s lacklustre efforts.
    • Poor Service: Non-responsiveness or rudeness is a common reason landlords look elsewhere.

    How to Move Letting Agents

    Step 1: Check Your Contract

    First, review your contract to understand any limitations or notice periods. The terms may vary based on whether it’s a let-only or managed service. Also, check for any termination periods.

    Step 2: Find a New Letting Agent

    When looking for a new agent:

    • Engage with local agents and assess their tenant sourcing and property management skills.
    • Seek a good professional rapport.
    • Read reviews and seek recommendations.
    • Ensure agents are licensed appropriately.
    • Ideally, find a new agent before leaving the old one, as they may manage the switchover.

    Step 3: Give Notice

    Notify your current agent in writing of your intent to terminate the contract. Inform your tenants of the change, and obtain their contact details from your agent. Secure confirmation and details of any exit fees from your current agent.

    Step 4: Collect Keys and Paperwork

    Gather all necessary property paperwork, safety certificates and keys. Ensure the tenant’s deposit is correctly transferred or managed.

    Do You Have A Tenancy Agreement In Place?

    It’s important to have a tenancy agreement in place between landlord and tenant. If you don’t already have one in place we can help. As part of our let-only and full management services, we offer a tenancy agreement set-up service. Please get in touch if we can help you with this. 

    Thinking Of Changing Your Wirral Letting Agent? 

    Switching letting agents can bring fresh perspectives and improved services to your rental properties, whether you’re a new landlord or managing a growing portfolio. By carefully selecting and transitioning to a new letting agent, you can enhance the success and profitability of your rental business.

    If you’re a landlord with property in the Wirral, why not explore our range of services to find out how we can support you in managing your rental properties:

    • Landlord Investment Services: We can help you maximise your Buy-to-let investment portfolio with our core services for property investors.
    • Property Management Services: From Let Only to Full Management we have a solution that fits your needs 
    • Tenant Finding Services: Expert assistance in finding reliable tenants for your property.
    • Rent Collection Services: Efficient systems for seamless rent collection.

    Contact us to learn how we can help you optimise the management of your rental properties, no matter the size of your portfolio.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Can You Change Letting Agent Mid Tenancy?

    Yes, as the agreement is between you, the Landlord and the tenant. The agency simply manages the agreement. However, it’s always wise to check your contract first.

    How Easy Is It to Change Letting Agents?

    Generally, it’s straightforward, as most new agents will handle the process.

    How Do I Find a Letting Agent?

    Do your research, read reviews, and speak to several agents to understand their offerings.

    How Do I Give Notice To A Letting Agent?

    After deciding to end the contract, you must give a written notification to the letting agent. This notification can be sent through email or as a physical letter, and it should specify the date on which you intend for the contract to terminate.

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